What are the fees for UX Training? – The investment for the UX Training Program is $1,500.  This includes over 20 hours of instruction in ten training modules that teach you the fundamentals of building and sustaining a real estate business.  As we want it to be accessible for all agents, we offer three convenient payment options.
1) No up-front cost where the investment is paid as a $500 fee out of your next 3 closings.
2) Agents can opt to pay $1,250 upfront to receive the program at a discounted rate.
3)  Agents can choose a payment plan where they pay $150 per month for 10 months charged to their credit card on file.

What are the fees for Bootcamp? – The investment for UX Training Bootcamp is the same as the standard UX Training Program, but it allows you to complete the training modules in 3 days. This is the ONLY current format for UX Training in 2023.

Can an agent not with My Home Group join UX and UX Bootcamp? – Absolutely!  UX Training is available to agents at any brokerage.  If you are not a My Home Group agent, payment is required up front at a discounted rate of $1,250.

If I’ve been licensed for years, why should I join UX? – We have agents of all experience levels complete the UX Training Program and find value for their business, including agents with over 20 years of experience.  If you’ve ever hit a roadblock on how to accelerate your business, are not sure where to start to build a business, or need help raising your production to the next level, then UX Training is a great solution for you.

What content is covered in UX Training? – UX Training is designed to be a comprehensive training program that meets the needs of all agents.  As such, the following modules are offered: Planning for Success, How to Build A Database, Marketing & Social Media, Prospecting & Open Houses, Buyer Consults & Listing Presentations, Online Lead Generation & Lead Conversion, Time Blocking & Productivity, and Referrals & Crafting Your Business.  Additionally, two contract specific modules taught by an experienced Broker are included, titled Representing Buyers and the Residential Purchase Contract, and Representing Sellers and the Exclusive Right to Sell.

What do I do if I cannot make a module/class? – For best results and progression, it is required to complete the full Bootcamp and full amount of classes in the 3 days offered in order to graduate. Failure to do so will result in not graduating form the program and modules and payment to be redone.

What materials do I get? – Participants of UX Training receive over 20 hours of instruction covering best practices of nearly all aspects of the real estate business.  Additionally, they receive a binder with over 300 pages of content including the slides from each module, valuable deliverables to supplement each module, and useful tools to implement in their business.  They also gain access to a virtual drive containing all of this content for future use as well.  Other value adds include a customizable Buyer Consultation presentation, a customizable Listing Presentation template, an accounting workbook, a comprehensive Script Book, business trackers, and many other useful business enhancements.

Who teaches the courses? – UX Training was developed by industry veterans who consulted with top-performing agents, brokers, and team leaders to build the content.  One of the founders of UX Training is Liz Kleven, who is the primary instructor.  Some of the modules have guest instructors who are MHG Brokers, MHG corporate staff, mentors, and other industry experts who enhance the instruction.

What other training options are there? (Mentorship, Contract Assist, Teams) – My Home Group is invested in our agent’s success.  As such, we offer a variety of training options to suit all types of agents and learners who join MHG.  Other than UX Training, we offer Mentorship and Contracts Assist or joining one of the 85+ MHG teams that each have unique benefits and offer various levels of training within each team.  For questions about joining a team, please contact

How long is each Bootcamp? Bootcamps are 2 and a half days long and are offered once a quarter Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 9am-1pm.

Can I do UX if I have a full-time job? – Absolutely!  The UX Training Bootcamp has been condensed to just 3 days so that agents can make arrangements and plan accordingly without interfering in their daily schedules.

Why do I need a training program as a new agent?  I just got done with real estate school. – Real estate school teaches you applicable laws and how to best represent your clients according to the Arizona Department Of Real Estate; UX teaches you how to navigate as a successful agent and business owner.  There is no instruction on how to find business, keep your clients happy, or complete a transaction and all the components involved.  UX Training is designed to teach you all the things that you didn’t learn in real estate school.  The goal is to help you build a successful and sustainable real estate business, while providing you the proper training and  appropriate expectations.  We are committed to set you up for success!

Why would I pay for training rather than join a team?  Once you pay for UX Training, you go back to being a 100% commission agent other than your brokerage transaction fee.  Generally, teams charge a commission split on every deal that you close while with that team.  We recommend you do your due diligence on the best option for you. Teams do offer a variety of other benefits including culture, accountability, systems, and lead generation tools which vary depending on the team and their specific value proposition which is a great path to follow after UX training.

Does UX Training guarantee my success as an agent? – No, your success is entirely up to you, and fully enhanced by our accelerated program.  As each agent is responsible for running their business as they see fit, ultimately you are responsible for your own success in real estate. We recommend for additional help after your training is complete, taking advantage of the Mentorship Program or Contract Assist.

I run a Team and don’t have time to train my agents.  Could UX Training be a good solution? – Yes!  We have many teams that put all of their new team members through UX Training.  The content is designed to be team/system/platform universal so that it can benefit agents from any brokerage or team.  Participants in UX Training receive over 20 hours of instruction, leaving you free to use that time for other efforts and know that they will come out more knowledgeable, confident, and likely to succeed.

I’m an agent who likes one-on-one attention and instruction.  Is this a good program for me? – UX Training offers group instruction with very little one-on-one support.  The Mentorship program is a great solution for agents who are looking for one-on-one training and assistance. Many UX participants will participate in both UX and Mentorship at the same time to maximize their learning experience.

What tech knowledge is needed?  UX Training does require a general understanding of how to use all tools necessary to conduct real estate business, including but not limited to Google Drive, Zoom, ARMLS, Skyslope, DigiSign, email, scanning and uploading documents, Transaction Desk and any other ancillary brokerage specific systems.

I’m not a quick learner.  Am I able to repeat the modules? We cover a great deal of information in each module, and realize that you may need to review for application and mastery.  As such, we offer recorded versions of the live classes that you can refer back to after attending the module in person.  (Please note, these are not meant to replace attending the modules, but supplement the instruction.  Attendance at all modules is required).

*UX participants will have the opportunity to audit any previously completed modules up to 12 months from contract execution, if further review of the course material is desired.*

For questions about UX Training or UX Bootcamp, please contact