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Update: Please be sure to include the property address in the file name

MAP2.0 Testimonials

"With MAP2.0 I entered a New Contract in less than 3 minutes and didn't have to jump around to find where everything was.
It was smooth and simple! Time is money, and with how easy it was I saved on both!"

"I love that when writing an offer I don't have to pull in a bunch of individual forms. I just entered the info, answered a couple of questions and it auto populated everything I needed including the MHG forms!!! That was incredible not having to go outside of one platform to generate the offer, get it signed and assign the docs for review. It even saved my contacts and vendors to auto populate later on. Truly plug and play!"

"I just want to say that MAP2.0 is SO COOL"

"Free CRM is HUGE, I've been paying about $75/month for current one. Just made the switch, super simple, super easy, took me a few minutes and I was good to go!"

"I love the new system! I feel like overall it saves time and brainpower. Can’t beat having everything all in one system and not having my tiny brain remember all those passwords anymore."

"I’m super impressed with it after spending a few hours of learning and getting my files moved over. I’m excited that the CRM will automatically have all of our new contacts and info too. Saves so much time and no more double and triple entering of stuff."

"The new system has been very user friendly!"

"Honestly I have been using it and I have been shocked by its capabilities and how intuitive 2.0 is over all the platforms I have worked in."

"WowzA! Map 2.0 is absolutely FANTASTIC! 

Thank you so much! Whoever decided to implement this is a GENIUS! Having everything in 1 place will be a COMPLETE game changer for our Brokerage! Y'all are the BEST!

#MHG leading the way in efficiency, releasing hundreds of hours back to their agents! I'm impressed! "

"I’ve been happy so far. Had an issue with setting up signatures last night on a doc I uploaded into MAP 2.0. Put in a help ticket last night & woke up to a training video in my inbox showing me how to fix it this morning. Sent it off for signatures & it’s all signed and completed."


Q: What is MAP2.0

A: My Agent Portal 2.0 - This is the enhanced experience to your current MAP with a new all-in-one system with AMAZING updates to save our agents time and money while giving you a better platform for your business!

Q: Is SkySlope going away?

A:Yes. SkySlope is sunsetting for MHG Agents on 3.30.24.Please email MAP2.0@myhomegroup.com and one of our team members will be ready to help.

For disclosures, you can still use the Breeze platform with a new account if needed.

Q: Will all MLS forms be added to the new system?

A: Yes! ALL forms for ALL MLS's our agents belong to will be available in MAP2.0. 

Q: Is MAP2.0 Free for agents?

A: YES! MAP2.0 is free to all MHG agents. Additionally enjoy free access to the CRM!

Q: When will MHG Agents be trained in this system?

A: UPDATE: Full agents training has been complete. If you missed training we encourage you to use the videos above on our resources page, utilize the MAP2.0 chat button to speak with our system provider directly or send questions to map2.0@myhomegroup.com. Additional monthly trainings will resume for our agents as well as support hours. You can sign up at mhgcalendar.com

Q: I have an existing CRM, can the new system integrate with it?

A: Yes! As long as your existing CRM has API/Zapier integrations compatible, you will be able to connect your existing CRM to MAP2.0. If you are using a brokerage account for Boomtown or KvCore, you can connect them or email agentservices@myhomegroup.com for steps to transfer.

Q: Is MAP2.0 mandatory for all agents?

A: Map 2.0 powered by Total Brokerage is the update to our back office and compliance portals. It will indeed be mandatory for all agents. If you wanted to create a transaction in TransactionDesk, you would still have the ability to do so, but the file will be uploaded in Map2.0 for compliance/commissions. The system was created to be a true all-in-one platform for our agents and save you from logging into various systems.

Q: Do I have to use the CRM in MAP2.0?

A: You are welcome to use any CRM that works for you and your business. All data is yours and all contacts are owned by you only in MAP2.0. MHG does NOT have access to see or view your CRM. The free CRM does NOT include a IDX/website no bulk emails/texts, those can be added on through Total Brokerage support for $12/year+. We do have additional options if you email agentservices@myhomegroup.com.

Q: Does the agent get a copy once docs are signed?

A: Yes, with set up and some additional paid features dependent on your desired functionality. The system does send a notification that the signing is complete. If you have turned notifications off in the system you may want to be sure the signature setting is on. This notifies you IN MAP2.0. There is also a manual way to add yourself to get a copy by checking the box at the bottom “Share Documents after Signature with Contacts and Vendors” and select who you want to share it with. There are many additional features with SMS notifications and Email notifications that are part of the upgraded functionality. Please contact support@totalbrokerage.com to explore more about various affordable/paid features of notifications. UPDATE: a checkbox has been added under Document Shares to check if you would like to get copies of signed docs.

Q: Can we use Breeze still?
A: MAP2.0 has great capabilities and we are working on the additional functionality for additional fillable options for you and your clients to streamline completion of forms that were utilized in Breeze. Stay tuned as we keep unveiling the endless perks of 2.0. See the SkySlope question above for additional details as well. Update: Agency forms are back as pre-mapped and available for use in new files or can be added to existing transactions by using the add form option. For the rest of the disclosures, agents can download the PDF or utilize Breeze (without SkySlope by creating an account) for fillable options. breeze.skyslope.com

Q: How do I split documents?


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Update: Please be sure to include the property address in the file name.