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Agent Services

Jenny Nold |

  • MAP: General questions and training for ACTIVE MHG AGENTS
  • PARTNER PROGRAM: Liaison & Support
  • MY MARKETING PLATFORM: Training/Support/Individual Site Management
  • INTERNAL MHG DEPARTMENTAL LIAISON: Facilitates communication among all MHG staff departments as it relates to the success of the MHG agent experience
  • Assistance with setup of systems ie. kvCore, MHG App, MyMarketing Suite


Career Services

Renee Hoffman |

  • Ensures the highest and best MHG experience as it relates to on-boarding/off-boarding to include any changes in agent license status at the brokerage including any migration to My Referral Network (MRN)


Broker Department

AZ Broker Team w/ Andrew Glenn D.B. |

  • See My Agent Portal or Facebook Mastermind for Hotline/Helpline number
  • Risk Management, Review & Compliance
  • Specific broker related, legal, or compliance questions.
  • Nevada DB- Andrew Glenn
  • Washington DB- Cheryl Abbott |


Closing/Commission Department

Closing Team w/ Linda Tippett |

  • Specific questions related to transaction status, payments, rentals, referrals and team splits


Accounting Department

Accounting Team w/ Kyle Lafferty|

  • Specific questions related to transaction status, payments, rentals, referrals and team splits


Marketing Department

Marketing Team w/ Savannah Chilton|

  • Marketing approvals (please CC Broker Team)
  • MyLuxury Division inquires
  • Updates to MHG website, email banners
  • Headshot requests
  • MyContent/Agent Digital Package questions
  • Marketing help/advice
  • MAP dashboard
  • Weekly Wrap/Email/Text questions


MHG Education & Events

Kelly Harris |

  • Teach and create classes
  • Event Questions/RSVP
  • MHG agent training and events calendar questions
  • For recording of classes, please visit My Agent Portal or our YouTube channel

Meet Our Leadership Team

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Mark Hutchins & Jereme Kleven


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Kim Beale

VP of Business Ops & Partnerships

Andrew Glenn

Andrew Glenn

Designated Broker

Bob Hertzog

Cheryl Abbott

DB, MHG Washington

Kelly Harris

Kelly Harris

VP of Corporate Culture

Kyle Lafferty

Kyle Lafferty

Accounting Controller

Savannah Chilton

Savannah Chilton

Director of Marketing

Linda Tippett

Linda Tippett

Closing Manager

Renee Hoffman

Renee Hoffman

Onboarding Manager

Jenny Nold

Jenny Nold

Agent Services Manager