Contract Assist

Looking for help writing or managing a contract? Contract Assist is a transaction-based service to help agents prepare paperwork and best represent their client on a purchase or sale of a home. Select from Buyer Agent Assist or Listing Assist.  Each of the services can be performed in person at the location chosen by the coach, or over a live web-conference with screen sharing of the process. For more information, please contact

UX Contract Assist is best for any agent wanting extra support with a specific transaction.

Buyer Agent Assist             

  •  Assist with comparable market analysis to finalize offer price if needed (*on up to 5 offers)
  •  Assist with completion of the purchase contract and related documents (*on up to 5 offers)
  •  Assist with digital signing process (*on up to 5 offers)
  •  Answer questions about any responses to purchase offer and counteroffers (*on up to 5 offers)
  •  Assist with My Home Group transaction system for file creation and document upload
  •  Review inspection report and assist in BINSR preparation and response
  •  Answer questions on the transaction timeline process
  •  Assist with finalizing paperwork in My Home Group back-office systems prior to and up to closing      

Listing Assist                 

  •  Assist with comparable market analysis to advise sellers on the list price
  •  Assist with completion of listing documents
  •  Assist with ARMLS set up and input of listing
  •  Assist with My Home Group’s transaction management system creation and document upload
  •  Provide resources for listing process and services needed
  •  Assist in the review of offers and preparation of counter offers
  •  Assist with uploading all offers (rejected and accepted) in My Home Group’s transaction management system and My Agent Portal (MAP) and finalizing required paperwork prior to and up to closing
  •  Recommendations regarding client communication through the closing process


The fee for the service shall be $1000 per transaction side, payable out of the agent’s commission as a referral fee to the Contract Assist Agent at closing (in addition to any mandatory fees outlined in your contract).  If the transaction does not result in a successful closing, Agent agrees that the fee will be paid from the agent’s next closing.


On an as-needed basis. Agents will need to fill out a new Contract Assist Election Form for each transaction for which they desire assistance.