What Can/Should You Ask a Seller to Fix?

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – When you are in the market to purchase a new home, ideally, the home will be move-in ready (unless a fixer upper is your home of choice!) However, this is not always the case for all buyers. It is vitally important to have a home inspection completed so that any repairs can be discussed with the seller prior to closing. Here are some tips to help you make informed decisions regarding repair requests. Of course, your My Home Group Agent will be there to guide you along the way along with our preferred partners, Advantage Inspection Services and for your BINSR needs, Integrity BINSR Repair.

You may be asking yourself, shouldn’t the seller be responsible for repairs? It really depends on quite a few factors including; whether it is currently a buyers market, or a sellers market, the degree of seriousness regarding the repairs (could it affect the buyer’s health/safety?), and the laws in your state regarding home repairs.

What sort of repairs would be acceptable to ask a seller to fix?

This is indeed where health and safety come first. Any issue with the home that could adversely affect the buyer could fall into this category. Some examples include pest infestations, fire hazards, serious roof damage, and issues with the structure/foundation of the home. If your home inspection comes back with red flags in any of these areas, you should discuss it with the seller before closing.

What is considered to some as unacceptable to ask the seller to repair?

You do not want to ask your seller for too much as this puts you at risk of losing the home to another buyer who may not mind these types of issues. Small things, such as chipped tiles or paint, peeling wallpaper, or other cosmetic issues are generally things you should leave out. Repairs to things such as the garage door, refrigerator or light fixtures (unless it is a larger scale electrical issue) should also be avoided. Lastly, anything aesthetically unappealing will be up to you to change after closing.

Ultimately, after the home inspection is complete, talk with your My Home Group Realtor to set a game plan regarding which repairs you need and which you can go without. Keep in mind state laws regarding home repairs, contingencies and the points mentioned above. Happy house hunting!