MyStory: My Home Group’s Andrew Glenn overcomes a challenging market and personal changes to become MHG’s Designated Broker

Everyone that gets into the real estate industry has a unique story of their journey. What brought them to real estate, their experience as an agent, how they became successful, how they’ve grown their business and themselves. Welcome to the Journey of My Home Group’s Designated Broker, Andrew Glenn.


Glenn originally went to college to become a licensed general contractor. He worked full time in the construction industry with his father, until 2012 when the market became unfavorable and he was left searching for a way to make additional income. At the time, he had started to explore the possibility of a career change and getting into the real estate industry. With a goal and a plan in mind, Glenn set forth to pursue his new part time career, taking his 90-hour pre-licensing course to obtain his real estate license. He was originally planning on becoming an agent at a different brokerage, but that was about to change.


While at the Arizona School of Real Estate and business, Glenn noticed a flyer that stuck out to him. A flyer advertising for a brokerage called My Home Group. He looked over the information and left a voicemail at the number listed, inquiring for more information. Who returned his call? None other than MHG Owner, Mark Hutchins Though 2005 was when My Home Group had been established, 2012 was the year Hutchins and MHG Co-Owner Jereme Klevenhad decided to vigorously pursue their marketing efforts to grow their business and attract new talent. . Their efforts to grow paid off, and Glenn became MHG’s 37th agent. 


With no real intention of being a high producing agent, Glenn continued working full-time in construction in his first year in the real estate industry and ended his first year at My Home Group Agent not actually having a transaction under his belt, yet. Looking to make a change, Glenn thrived off of MHG’s model to create driven lifestyle entrepreneurs, and Glenn was then doubled down and made himself more productive in hopes to reach his goals.  After a few more months of grinding on his business, he captured an impressive 12 transactions. But as his experience and number of transactions grew, his interest and curiosity in the industry continued to grow as well.


In 2015, after being with the company for three years, Glenn was having a conversation with Kleven about his journey in real estate. With three years of experience under his belt, Kleven began asking Glenn if he would consider getting his broker license,  to manage the growing number of agents within My Home Group. By 2016, Andrew’s part-time real estate business had grown so dramatically that, as an agent, he was making almost double what he was making working full-time in construction. This prompted him to take the leap and change his career path to see what he was really capable of if he devoted all his efforts to his new business and helping out as a Broker at My Home Group.


In the beginning of his career he had no resources to spend on leads and advertising, but the one thing the newly-licensed broker did have was time. Time he could attribute to helping his clients buy, sell, or rent their property, time to help other agents with showings and open houses, he was able to attend more classes and industry events and even sit down with My Home Group’s Owners to collaborate and learn and develop. 


Andrew started flipping homes and bought his first investment property. With a background in construction, this came naturally and he continued flipping investment properties, representing clients, and working as a broker for My Home Group which was on the rise. The company was expanding, the agent count was growing, and the demands of the brokerage became increasingly more prevalent.


In 2019 Andrew decided to take a more active role at the company as a full time Managing Broker for the company and was more involved interacting with agents, taking on more responsibility. Everything was looking up as the company continued to flourish. This momentum paused in 2020 as the world and everyday life as we knew it, came to a halt. The company faced the challenge of restructuring in the face of a global pandemic, making changes to continue to expand and provide their agents with the values of collaboration, community, and culture that the brokerage had been built upon. Among these changes, in December of 2020, Andrew Glenn was appointed Designated Broker of My Home Group.


As the Designated Broker, Andrew oversees all brokerage operations including agent support and compliance. It is an all encompassing job where he is responsible for the actions of every My Home Group licensee. “I love being at My Home Group and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have grown with this awesome brokerage,” Glenn expressed. “I’m proud to have had a small part in the success of our agents, teams and the brokerage as a whole. I look forward to supporting all our current agents and future agents who can really take advantage of the amazing support and the people here who want to help them succeed.”