Seven Rules to Strengthening your Social Media Presence

Scottsdale, Ariz.- An agent's social media presence is brimming with possibilities! Grow a social network, strengthen a brand, provide education to buyers and sellers, generate leads, and connect with clients. As agents leverage these possibilities, here are several rules to keep in mind.  

Rule One: Flaunt Your Listings

If you are unsure where to start with your first post, a simple introduction to social media is posts with your current or closed listings. Content for your listings can include video walkthroughs, neighborhood guides, or home features or renovations that inspire. A clients’ choices are heavily influenced by the vision they have of their new home and neighborhood. On top of local hot-spots, and neighborhood stats, share what you know about your listing that buyers can’t find on Google. This provides valuable information and showcases your expertise in the area.

Rule Two: Tips are a To-Do

Homebuyers and sellers alike keep a close eye on the market while deciding to list or move. Their understanding of the moving process and current market allows them to make informed, knowledgeable choices. Putting together tips or sharing data and insights about your local area informs your existing clients and puts you in front of new ones. Always suggest more info or details to DM (Direct Message) or call/text you, this can be a great way to generate leads. In both cases, you are generating more clients and client confidence.

Rule Three: Feature Client Appreciation

With client appreciation a little bit goes a very long way. Shoutouts and thank yous are both key to producing client loyalty and support, and are a simple way to make a positive impression. In showing your appreciation, you show client satisfaction is a top priority. This reflects positively on your values as an agent, in turn attracting leads who recognize the standards you hold in your work.

Rule Four: Make Your Post YOU

Personalization and individuality bring your content to the forefront of current and potential clients. Relatable content speaks directly to your clients, allowing them to connect to you beyond your role as their agent, and fosters support for your brand. Noting this, if it fits your brand and personality, bringing humor and some charisma into your social feed can be valuable. Eye-catching posts that make people smile are likely to produce tags and be shared. 

“If you only post real estate content, you’re likely not appealing to the average follower who is not in the market to buy or sell,” says Director of Marketing at My Home Group, Savannah Chilton. “Think about the accounts you follow and why you follow them. Entertainment. It's why we scroll. I always tell agents who are considering 2 separate social media accounts for business and personal to combine the two of them. It's less work for you and keeps your followers engaged. You never know what your potential clients are interested in, so keep it light, keep it fun, and have a mix of both professional and personal posts.”

Rule Five: Share Often 

Share your post several times. Your audience isn’t likely to see it each time, so multiple shares will maximize its influence. Research the best days and times to share and reshare in order to expand your reach and cater to when clients are logging on. Consider posting content across multiple channels and platforms to increase reach. 

Rule Six: Define your Audience

What kinds of homes are you selling? Specify your audience beyond just buyers and sellers. Target the area where you specialize, whether that is luxury, condos or co-ops, single or multi family homes, etc. Is your audience more likely to interact with reels on Instagram or posts on Facebook? Once you have narrowed your focus, then you can choose the right social media platform, and determine what content to publish that best serves and attracts your target audience. If you’re unsure how to understand marketing analytics, it never hurts to stick to two or so platforms where you know your followers are engaged and put your focus there.

Rule Seven: Pick Posts that Perform 

How each post performs, as well as demographic and consumer data, will provide you input on where your brand best fits into the social media mix. As you experiment more and more with each platform, you will pick up on the ever-changing trends, some of which  can help you generate more leads.