Everything You Didn’t Learn in Real Estate School

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - A lucrative, thriving career in real estate is partnered with an evergoing craving for knowledge of an industry that is always in a state of flux. 

Real estate school alone can not teach agents how to excel in their craft, but is more to teach the basics of a transaction and how to help clients buy and sell their home. As a real estate professional, know your areas of strength and your areas to grow, then take the initiative to bridge the gaps.

My Home Group offers a Unique Experience Training Program for both new and existing agents to infuse their business with fresh ideas and further their expertise, supplying tools to deliver outstanding service. My Home Group Co-Owner Jereme Kleven states, “UX is one of the best ways to invest in yourself, your education and your career. Success in real estate starts here.”

“The goal of UX Training is to set agents apart from competition by providing the best possible experience for their clients.” says Liz Kleven, a sales and marketing specialist and coach to real estate and mortgage professionals.

Continued training offers an opportunity to ensure clients are receiving the most relevant and effective services. Clients recognize agents who look beyond earning their license, to those who actively pursue real estate principles and practices to expand their skill set. My Home Group Agent Gina celebrates the program, sharing that “the UX Training course has set me on the proper path. Next step for me is complete success! I am confident, committed and will stay consistent.”

With training courses, agents benefit from insights from informed professionals on topics such as prospecting, lead generation, open houses, social media, marketing strategies, and current business systems, all which can be leveraged to build a successful, sustainable business. Over 200 agents have taken advantage of UX Training to improve in these areas to become credible, trustworthy, and well-rounded agents.