My Power Partner Spotlight: Integrity BINSR Repair

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Here at My Home Group we understand the importance of strategic partnerships; that is why we believe when growing your business you must align with the best. MHG partners with many of the top-leading service providers in the country, in an effort to help their agents run epic businesses. We are proud of our Power Partners and we love to showcase their abilities to our agents. In this feature, we are highlighting My Home Group Power Partner, Integrity BINSR Repair and their Owner, Shane Saunders.

Saunders started his career in real estate roughly 10 years ago and has been doing BINSR repair for two and a half years. After being in the real estate business, Saunders wanted to be more involved in the BINSR repair process and felt he could give agents and clients everything they need with the ease of accessibility and superior customer service. Now, Integrity BINSR Repair is serving REALTORS®, sellers and home buyers during the inspection-BINSR-repair process. 

After being involved with My Home Group through teaching classes and sharing insight, MHG knew that Saunders and his business were a perfect match to assist its agents in the BINSR repair process and they were brought on as a Power Partner in September of 2020. 

“What I love most about being a Power Partner with My Home Group is the accessibility to some of the best agents in the state,” Saunders said. “Mark and Jereme have put together a great team and a ton of amazing REALTORS®.”

Buying a house can be stressful and Integrity BINSR Repair is dedicated to helping agents and their clients through the process seamlessly. The team is only dedicated to BINSR repair, making them the go-to organization for MHG agents. 

“One of the most unique things about Integrity BINSR Repair is that’s all we do,” he said. ”We don’t sometimes do remodels, we don’t sometimes do new construction. All we do is just BINSR repairs for home sellers, home buyers and real estate agents.”

Agents who wish to use their services can head to their website and upload their inspection documents and their BINSR. Saunders and his team will then provide an estimate within 24 hours for free!

In addition to their service, the company also provides training via their Youtube channel (Integrity BINSR Repair) for homeowners and real estate agents. Striving to contribute value to agents, Integrity BINSR Repair looked to set themselves apart from their competitors by showcasing value, education and exceptional service with speed and consistency. 

“This company was built to serve REALTORS®,” Saunders emphasized. “I know what REALTORS® go through and what agents need in the BINSR and home inspection process and this company will make your life easier and we can bring value to agents and your clients.”

There’s no question that MHG partners are the best in the business and Integrity BINSR Repair is nothing short of that. Once an agent has joined My Home Group, they receive best-in-class treatment, as the brokerage and its Power Partners work to serve them and help them grow epic and successful businesses.

 If you are an agent looking to join a brokerage, click here for more information on MHG, and if you’re already a My Home Group agent looking to explore more about Integrity BINSR Repair, please reach out with the contact information provided in the video above, in addition to the other MHG Power Partners.