My Home Group announces Andrew Glenn as Designated Broker

My Home Group announces Andrew Glenn as Designated Broker

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – My Home Group is excited to announce that Andrew Glenn is now the Designated Broker for My Home Group Arizona!

Glenn has been promoted from Managing Broker/Branch Manager of MHG Westgate to Designated Broker. He has been with My Home Group since 2012 where he served as a team leader, top-producing-individual agent and a Broker with the company since 2015. 

The brokerage is proud to promote within as its employees truly care about MHG and have dedicated many years of their careers to its success. My Home Group Owners, Mark Hutchins and Jereme Kleven, are excited to elevate Glenn and bring him on as the DB as the new year approaches and brings more possibilities and excitement for his role.

“We’re really excited to have Andrew Glenn as our Designated Broker! He brings eight-plus years of experience and started his career with My Home Group. It’s really exciting to have him moving up and growing up with MHG. We are looking forward to seeing how he will take on this new role. We know that he can continue to provide the first-class service we give our agents as he has continued to do throughout his career,” Hutchins said. 

“Andrew Glenn has been a dedicated and vital piece to MHG for many years. We are extremely proud of him and know that his background and dedication to the brokerage will continue to help better serve our agents. He is a true leader, who will take this company to the next level,” Kleven expressed. 

As Glenn transitions into the new role, My Home Group agents can expect to email him with any DB related questions. Agents will continue to receive the highest level of service that has been provided for years and Glenn hopes to challenge himself to find innovative ways to help the company grow and give agents the resources to create an epic business. 

“I’m really excited to hit the ground running with this new role and I’m looking forward to working more directly with the MHG staff on how we can continue the amazing trajectory of growth we’ve had! I’m proud to be a part of My Home Group,” Glenn said of the promotion.

I love having fun with my family! It is my favorite pastime. My wife and kids are huge supporters of me and my career in real estate. We love to explore new things and places together as a family.”