My Agent Spotlight: Nikki Rodriguez

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – My Home Group is in the business of building businesses through collaboration, community and culture. In this series, the MHG Blog will take an in-depth look at how agents execute their businesses daily, detailing how they generate leads, use MHG resources to their advantage, offer advice for other agents and much more!

This time, MHG puts the agent spotlight on Nikki Rodriguez.

For Rodriguez, real estate was on her mind since she was a child. She was introduced to the industry early on through her father’s company, and by having family and friends in the business over the years. Once she had kids, she knew it was time to follow in her father’s footsteps and run a business of her own.

“I’ve always been interested in it. I’ve always worked with people since a young age. I’ve always worked in customer service and quality control. I was at home and selling insurance on the phone for two years and I had three babies! It was time to get out and get around people again, so I had the opportunity to start real estate,” Rodriguez said.

With her father cheering her on, she decided to pay it back and she continued to help her family’s business in addition to her role as an agent.

“I do real estate full-time but I also work with my dad in estate planning. We work with life insurance products and things like that. More with the senior-aged people on the side of real estate,” she explained.

Even with two jobs and three children, Rodriguez has found success at My Home Group with on the agent leaderboard before. Now, she has had her sights set on the top of the list and has quickly climbed in the rankings with her August 2020 record of No. 15 across all 2,700+ MHG agents!

Her success hasn’t come without its challenges. When the global pandemic hit the United States early in 2020, she knew she needed to work even harder if she wanted to continue to rise in the rankings. However, Rodriguez knew the best thing was to stick to what she loved about her job, helping others.

“It has changed because I’m such a people person. I’m so used to being out and seeing people all the time so that change is hard. I think I’m just trying to stay in touch with people more on social media and over the phone, just checking in with my sphere and the people I know and the people I’ve met. I did farm my neighborhood but that’s kind of halted right now but I’m looking to start that back up,” she said. 

With her passion for communicating and helping others, Rodriguez also liked to put a personal touch on her communication and relationship with clients both old and new.

“Birthdays! I try to reach out on birthdays and send gifts; just something small. But really just staying in touch with people whenever I can,” the agent explained!

On top of the personal touch she has on every client, Rodriguez also values her education in the industry. When she first joined MHG she made a point to take advantage of the various resources and continued-education opportunities agents have access to when they join the brokerage.

“In the beginning, I was here taking classes as a new agent. Lawyers Title has been great! I worked with Madison and she’s great. She’s been there kind of since the beginning and has been really helpful. The Broker Hotline, The Agent Hotline that Craig has, are all great. There are so many resources here and I’ve used most of them over the last few years.” 

Rodriguez’s success in the industry and specifically at My Home Group is a true testament to the kind of people that are at the brokerage. The community of productive agents and employees at MHG work hard and with a passion to develop the next generation of real estate agents. We are especially proud of the agents who make it onto the leaderboard and are always encouraging more agents to find the same success as we all work to create epic real estate businesses.