Impressive Q3 has MHG set for a record year

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – My Home Group continues to dominate in the real estate industry. With yet another record-setting quarter, the brokerage is set to finish off the year strong!

Quickly, agents took advantage of the market at the start of Q3 and saw tremendous growth in the following months. The third quarter saw MHG with transactions coming in by the hundreds then thousands totaling 5,500+.

With more transactions being closed, the brokerage has overall 1.3 billion in production thanks to the hard work of MHG agents and teams! With 11% of active listings in the area dawning the My Home Group name, there was an increased amount of personal marketing by agents, improving MHG’s recognition and recruiting 250+ agents in the last few months alone. 

In October, 81 agents signed on with MHG. This goes to show why the brokerage was ranked as the second-fastest growing real estate brokerage in the state by The Real Trends.

My Home Group takes pride in having the most productive agents in the country, which is why agents from all over continue to call MHG home. Each quarter, more agents are joining the brokerage’s amazing teams. With teams continuously growing and more starting to form, My Home Group officially has more top-100 teams than any other brokerage in Arizona. An impressive feat!

As My Home Group continues to grow in numbers and performance, they also continue to earn recognition everywhere, including being ranked for the fifth year by Inc. 500. The growth hasn’t stopped, and the brokerage looks to continue the momentum into Q4 in hopes to shatter more records and close the year on top!

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