Listing Photos & Why They Matter

Listing Photos & Why They Matter


We live in a world where we are told not to judge a book by its cover, to look beneath the surface, but inevitably we make snap judgements and formulate gut decisions based on what we see. It’s why we consistently try to put our best foot forward, why we dress up on special occasions, and why we smile for the camera. When it comes to first impressions we try to present ourselves in the best possible light.


The same is true when it comes to listing a home. One of the most important components of the process of listing a home is your listing photos. The way you present a new house is your ‘big announcement’ to the world, your chance at a first impression. These photos are the foundation of your entire marketing campaign for the property and understanding how to do this correctly leads to better results for both the sellers, buyers, and ultimately the agents. 


Having professional listing photos taken for a property gives the seller the ability to truly display their home in a way that captures its full essence. Every small detail, every added value of the home, is put on display to show every element of why it is worth buying. Not only does hiring a professional photographer or company to take these photos provide a higher quality result, it also saves time, adds an element of professionalism, and attracts more buyers and offers. 


Professional photos and a good portfolio of all the different characteristics and amenities of a home give buyers the ability to picture, in greater depth, what they would do with the property in the event they make an offer. It provides buyers with an accurate picture, quite literally, and allows them to further qualify if this property is the right fit for what they are looking for, leading to more concrete interest from buyers who are genuinely interested. 


As an agent, there is a responsibility to do what is best for clients. Having a professional photo shoot when listing a property is just another example of how sellers can benefit from the representation of an experienced real estate agent who is willing to source reliable partners to give their clients the best service.