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My Home Group focuses on quality of service and excellent performance with each and every client. This making My Home Group a Rapidly Growing Real Estate Company in Arizona. My Home Group is on the cutting edge of technology. Providing effective tools for each agent's success as well as streamlining each transaction allowing agent's to focus more on their clients and their business. The end result... Amazing results and outstanding customer service every time!

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Continuing Education Time!

January 29, 2016 – Continuing Education Time!


The Arizona Department of Real Estate requires 24 hours of Continuing Education (CE) courses to be completed every two years to renew a real estate license.  Many agents dread sitting through these classes and many agents procrastinate and wait until the last minute to fill their requirements.

My Home Group is committed to making this process more desirable to all realtors.  Not only does MHG have its own in-house certified instructor, John Dyer of The John Dyer School of Real Estate, but it has a classroom in Scottsdale that seats up to 70 agents!  My Home Group offers monthly classes where agents from all brokerages can earn their required credits in a comfortable, convenient environment while enjoying the dynamic personality and endless knowledge of the best instructor in town!




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Business Planning for 2016!



January 22, 2016 – Business Planning for 2016!


Every trip has a destination.  This destination is determined ahead of time and takes into consideration who, what, where, when and why.  It is an important place for a reason and reaching it safely and efficiently is crucial.  A map or series of specific directions is necessary to achieve this.

Just as every destination requires a map, every goal in business requires a plan.  Both short-term and long-term goals that we set for ourselves professionally represent what is important to us, and what we want and need to achieve.  These goals cannot be obtained without a well-thought-out and written business plan.

My Home Group believes in the importance of business plans so strongly that it not only provides an 18 page custom business plan for its agents AND agents outside the brokerage, but holds a series of classes open to ALL Valley agents on the subject.   These plans and classes are free of charge and full of great value.

If you are interested in attending a future class, please contact Kelly Elsasser at  If you would like to receive a complimentary custom business plan, please click on the link below:


Now go get planning for an AMAZING 2016!



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Happy New Year!



2016.  A new year.  Time to set goals, formulate new plans and… of course… make resolutions.  As the rest of America works on their personal improvements and promises to themselves, My Home Group has been busy preparing its business resolutions with one goal in mind: To enhance the agent experience while increasing productivity.

1. Business Development – My Home Group’s unique approach to business planning has set the brokerage apart from the competition for years.  Whether an agent is full-time or part-time, focused on luxury or investments, great on the phones or a social media wizard, MHG helps each agent develop individualized, personal plans to fit their unique skills and goals.  There is no other brokerage that puts this much emphasis on its agents and their specific branding.  This year MHG will take this approach to an even higher level as more agents join and need help branding themselves.

2. In-house Marketing & Branding – With the expansion of our exclusive on site marketing department, agents will be provided with faster, more innovative, more creative materials and online presence than ever before.  My Home Group wants its agents to be ahead of their competitors and top notch, original, professional marketing is certainly a key factor to achieve this.

3. 24/7 Broker Support – As My Home Group approaches 500 agents, its commitment to being available to its agents has only gotten stronger.  With the addition of extremely qualified Associate Brokers, Mark Hutchins and Jereme Kleven, the owners of MHG, have enhanced and solidified the continuous broker support that has always been a strong feature of the company.

4. Technology – In 2016, MHG will continue to strengthen its reach to all agents in the Valley across all platforms of communication. From The Daily Dose (morning podcast that automatically goes out to subscribers via text message) to countless pre-recorded webinars to an extensive backend system to an extremely active private social media page to countless live classes/events, My Home Group has vowed to communicate with and reach agents with its education and motivation one way or another!


Happy New Year to you and your families from all of us at My Home Group!  May you stick to your goals, achieve all that you desire and enjoy it every step of the way.




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