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My Home Group focuses on quality of service and excellent performance with each and every client. This making My Home Group a Rapidly Growing Real Estate Company in Arizona. My Home Group is on the cutting edge of technology. Providing effective tools for each agent's success as well as streamlining each transaction allowing agent's to focus more on their clients and their business. The end result... Amazing results and outstanding customer service every time!

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Pricing Mistakes Made by Sellers


May 11, 2016 – Pricing Mistakes Made by Sellers

Pricing a home is easy, right? I mean you know what all of the homes in the area sold for, so coming up with a number should be as easy as 1-2- 3, right? The reality is no. And many homeowners are making some simple mistakes when pricing their home.

1. Sellers are pricing their homes based on what is “for sale” in the area, not what “has sold”. Some of these homes on the market have been sitting for a very long time. Why would a seller want to join these “unsolds”? Wouldn’t a seller want to look at the actual sale prices to determine market price?

2. Money spent on upgrades is not proportionally equal to increase in home value. A homeowner always overvalues things simply because he/she owns them. Beautiful amenities can change the selling price of a home a little bit within a predetermined range (based on location, size and condition) but they cannot move the price into an entire higher range.

3. Some sellers are pricing their homes based on what they “need” to buy their new home, not on what their home is really worth. This is an obvious mistake; no one cares what the seller “needs”… well except the seller!

4. Don’t believe the Zestimate! Too many sellers are basing their selling price on an estimate that Zillow itself admits has an error rate of about 8%.

The seller is the boss at the end of the day. The real estate agent needs to make sure to educate the seller and give the best information and advice needed to determine the sales price. At this point, with an agent’s expert help, pricing the home should become as easy as 1-2- 3!


My Home Group

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Don’t Make These Home Staging Mistakes!



April 15, 2016 – Don’t Make These Home Staging Mistakes


Studies have shown that a home will sell faster and for more money when properly staged. But who defines what “properly” means? The seller? The listing agent? The potential buyer?

The answer is the buyer. The challenge is learning how to get into the imagination of these prospective buyers. Sometimes staging is not about what you HAVE done to a home, but what you have NOT done. The last thing you want to do is “scare” them. Here are some words of advice:

Don’t over-stage. When in a position of wondering if you have done too much or too little, it is better to err on the side of too little. The last thing you want to do is make the space seem smaller than it is.

Furniture does NOT need to be against a wall. Try to configure furniture in a way that encourages conversation and engagement.

Don’t forget the little things. After the furniture is perfectly placed, add to the inviting atmosphere with a fruit bowl in the kitchen, a pile of books on the coffee table or some potpourri in the bathroom. These details could make a home stand out from all of the others.

Not every room needs to be staged. Stick with the kitchen, living room, bathrooms and the master bedroom. Potential buyers need to have some room to imagine what and/or who will go into the other rooms.

Remember that you want to appeal to the largest audience possible when staging. It is not about you or your tastes. Your choices in staging must take into account the extreme likes and dislikes of all people and must make the home an inviting and happy place for any shopper.

My Home Group

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Workshop Wednesday!



Have you heard about the hottest thing to hit REAL ESTATE and EDUCATION?

My Home Group is preparing for its 4th week of Workshop Wednesday and the feedback has been incredible! Workshop Wednesday is a new concept that includes over 7 hours of classes each and every Wednesday.


Workshop Wednesday is open to all agents in the Valley!

See what people are saying:

"Just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely LOVING the Workshop Wednesdays! As a new agent I am a sponge to new information.Today's were especially inspiring."

"The 7 Essentials Workshop that was given by Jereme was wonderful! I left really pumped up and ready to get out there and assess what I will do to make sure I stand out as an agent. Jereme was full of not only great ideas but I wrote down quote after quote. He certainly is full of inspiration!"

"The Open House workshop was perfect! The timing couldn't have been better."

Learn more about My Home Group, why so many agents are making the switch AND see our calendar of events here:

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