Three Simple Strategies For Winning Client Loyalty

The keys to being a successful real estate agent are found in the effort an agent puts into their career and the relationship that they build with clients. Being a real estate agent is a rather common career path, especially among the people in Maricopa County in Arizona! There are over 80,000 agents that are licensed in the area, but this does not mean there is not enough business to go around. What sets an agent apart from other real estate agents and how does an agent keep their clients working with them over the years? 


Some agents would say that building client loyalty and developing rooted relationships with individuals is crucial to becoming a successful agent! Not only is it likely that clients stay with the same agent, the opportunity to help them through every one of their future transactions should always be a goal. It’s also a great resource for getting potential referrals! This leads clients to recommend their favorite or most memorable agent in the future and potentially to other people who are in need of a real estate professional. 


However, there is more than just performance that comes into play when it comes to getting referral business. It is incredibly important to stay top-of-mind, to continue to develop relationships and deepen them with clients throughout the years. Here are three simple strategies for winning client loyalty and why they work!


1.Tailor The Experience To Each Specific Client

Communication is a very important aspect of building relationships with individuals. When it comes to an agent’s clients, understanding what their exact needs are and building a unique experience around those needs makes an agent’s clients feel special. Buying, selling, moving in general; all of these are important life changing decisions for clients and they want to feel taken care of by an agent who is reliable and truly works with their best interests in mind.


2. Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Along with the idea of making people feel special, following up with clients, even after they have just had a transaction. Asking them about how they like the house, any renovations they had planned to do, etc. Showing a personal interest in their overall happiness in their new home will show them you care and remember their needs and wants. A CRM or personal strategy to accomplish this and let the clients know that their agent is always thinking of them with little reminders throughout the year such as recognizing birthdays, anniversaries, notable family events, holidays, etc. Each one of these days is a great way to let clients know how much they mean! 


3. Be A Lifelong Learner

Stay up to date with new rules and regulations, changing policies, and any new challenge in order to provide the most dependable, accurate and prompt information. Attending classes regularly, learning new tricks of the trade, being involved with the real estate community, etc. All these lead to learning how to manage a business better and how to develop as an agent throughout the years.