Team Spotlight: Blikre Team

Introducing the Blikre Team: A Powerhouse in Arizona Real Estate

This medium-sized team at My Home Group Real Estate has been making waves in the industry for the past 7 years, and they show no signs of slowing down. Led by husband and wife duo, Jaime and Brock Blikre, this team of 15 talented individuals has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years.

One of the reasons the Blikre Team stands out is their consistent appearance on the MHG leaderboard. Almost every month, this dynamic team secures a spot in the top 20 teams at the brokerage. Not only that, but Jaime Blikre herself frequently earns a spot on the individual leaderboard, showcasing her exceptional skills and dedication to her craft and her commitment to her clients.

So, what sets the Blikre Team apart from the competition? Apart from their impressive track record, this team is committed to providing their agents with unparalleled support and resources. With their continued growth, they are able to offer mentorship for new agents, as well as access to a variety of lead sources and marketing tools. By utilizing MHG's fantastic resources, they ensure their agents receive top-notch training, especially those who are just starting their journey as licensed real estate professionals.

The Blikre Team understands that success in real estate relies on having a strong network and effective marketing strategies, and they are here to provide just that. A crucial aspect of their success is the reliance on My Home Group's exceptional education and classes. The Blikre Team also prides themselves on client pop-bys that give them the chance to form deeper connections with their clients and stay in the know on what's happening with them to foster great relationships.

While they have achieved significant success, they have not lost sight of their roots and the importance of building strong relationships. The Blikre Team strives to create a supportive and collaborative environment where every agent feels valued and encouraged to reach their highest potential. If you're a real estate agent in Arizona looking for a team that offers unparalleled mentorship, access to various lead sources, and a strong commitment to education, look no further than the Blikre Team at My Home Group.