My Home Group’s George Laughton is the No.1 resale agent in Arizona for the second consecutive year

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz – My Home Group is one of the most productive brokerages in the country, consistently earning nationwide recognition. They continue to set records as a brokerage and their agents and teams are no different. Adding to the list of impressive accolades, My Home Group agent and team leader, George Laughton has earned the title of the top resale agent in the state according to Broker Metrics data.

Adding this title for the second year in a row is just one of the many impressive accolades Laughton has received. He earned the Phoenix Business Journal’s awards for over $1 billion in residential sales volume and the 2019 Business of the Year (Medium Size Companies). Laughton’s team also earned the Journal’s award for the No.1 Residential Real Estate Team by Sales Volume and 2020 Best Places to Work honoree. He claimed a coveted spot in the My Home Group Diamond Club Production Award in 2019 and has received the 2020 Best of Zillow award for receiving over 1,800 5-star reviews. 

With close to $182 million in sales volume in 2020, Laughton and his team have achieved a great deal of success. As most industries took a hit, real estate agents like Laughton looked to capitalize on the growing Arizona housing market as he and agents alike, navigated uncharted territory. 

“Just as 2020 was getting out of the gate, out of nowhere COVID-19 emerged as the top agenda item for leaders of all industries,” Laughton said. “The real estate market was not immune to this abrupt shift in priority. With the business landscape changing at such a rapid pace, we were able to pivot quickly, efficiently and effectively while keeping our most important asset–our employees and our agents–reassured and protected.

We are still navigating uncharted waters from the pandemic, making it imperative to find new ways to work and interact while also taking care of our overall health and well-being. Thankfully, we did not have to change our business model; however, we shifted the way we do business. Ultimately, we will come out on the other side of this pandemic with a better sense of optimism which will only benefit our company in the future. The one thing we know, and the pandemic confirmed, is that nothing is permanent except change.”

Through navigating the unknowns of 2020, Laughton looked to remember the shift he made in his business in 2007 when he transitioned from a sales model to a service model, which he believed paved the way for his future success. 

“Imagine starting a business in an industry at its all-time peak, riding the wave of the biggest surge in real estate, and then maneuvering the biggest downturn that continued for several years, not months,” the team leader stated. “We adapt. We pivot and change with the times, positioning our company to stay ahead of the ever-changing real estate industry and we aren’t afraid to disrupt the market to do so!”

My Home Group and its Owners, Mark Hutchins and Jereme Kleven have always looked to agents like Laughton to be trailblazers in the real estate industry and pave the way for new agents looking to join a brokerage that provides unmatched resources for agents aspiring to achieve the same success.

“George has been an outstanding agent with My Home Group since he became part of the MHG family in 2016,” MHG Owner, Hutchins stated. “He cares about the brokerage, helping other agents succeed and leading his team with unmatched productivity. His work ethic sets the tone for our agents and pushes them to build epic businesses. We are incredibly proud of him and his accomplishments and are thrilled to share this victory with him for the second year in a row!”

The Laughton Team is the No.1 Residential Real Estate Team in the Phoenix market and is rapidly growing in the Tucson, Arizona and Orange County, California areas. Laughton believes his partnerships to be “critical” to this success and claims My Home Group to be a key player in supporting his growth.  

“We have a winning combination as the No.1 real estate team in the state collaborating with one of the fastest-growing brokerages in Arizona,” he stated. “Our strong desire to impact people’s lives, our clients, agents and employees alike—coupled withholding our core values at the center of our foundation, are the reasons why we have grown to become the No.1 real estate team in Arizona!”