My Home Group Launches New Commercial Division

My Home Group (MHG), Arizona’s fastest growing real estate brokerage, is taking on a new challenge: commercial real estate. This new division is a natural progression for the powerhouse brokerage and is being spearheaded by Aaron Dutcher who was recently named Director of MHG Commercial.

Although residential real estate has been MHG’s primary focus, there is a bright future and great demand for the commercial division. Obtaining leads from many different types of deals including multi-family to industrial to land and office are a perk of establishing a commercial operation under the already well-established residential umbrella. Versatility is no problem for MHG.

Dutcher states, “We have to be able to do it all and the great thing is that we can. Right now we have almost every type of commercial deal in escrow proving our versatility.” This firm foundation will create an incredible launch pad for the success that is to come for the commercial division of MHG.

While commercial real estate may have never been the intentional direction to grow in for MHG, the agents are surely well versed in what it’s going to take to scale this division to the prestige of the residential division. And with Dutcher lighting the fire and charging ahead, there’s no doubt that this is going to be huge.

“Commercial real estate is all around you. You probably interact with it 10 times a day and don’t even realize it. From your morning coffee to your kids school to your own office and even where you eat for dinner, commercial real estate is everywhere and now it’s at My Home Group. We are excited about the MHG Commercial division and the phenomenal success it has had in just its first year. MHG Commercial has the ability to cover office, industrial, retail, multi-family, and land! The Phoenix commercial real estate market is hot and so is MHG.” stated Dutcher on the development.

Dutcher has excelled in commercial real estate since 2004 and was the 4th top producer in the entire company last year. He and his team closed a 19.4mm office building in less than 6 weeks last year. Now with more than 900 million in sales and leasing transactions under his belt, he is ready to help MHG disrupt the market even further.

MHG commercial is currently operational in the Phoenix valley with marketplaces around the country to open soon, including California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Michigan. With Minnesota, Utah, Ohio, NJ, DC, and NYC still on the docket to launch in 2019.

Career opportunities are available to join this winning team.

Commercial Opportunities Contact: Aaron Dutcher 480-797-8369 or

Media Contact: Aaron Pierson