My Home Group had recently taken a step that will facilitate massive growth and international expansion for their brand by hiring international branding consultant Aaron Pierson as Chief Creative Officer.

After nearly six years of contract consulting for My Home Group, the time had come to bring Pierson on fulltime to assist in bringing the future vision of the company into fruition. With a decade of experience in facilitating various corporate branding strategies and executing with creative precision, Pierson was called upon to help My Home Group level up their branding and expansion strategy.

Pierson’s first initiatives included assisting The Jason Mitchell Group (Arizona’s #1 Residential Real Estate Team) open licensing offices in Michigan and San Diego, the acquisition of Essential Properties, designing and launching a new website, and facilitating the MHG Incubator.

The MHG Incubator was an idea seed of Pierson’s while consulting and it is one of the main focuses of his position at the brokerage today. This groundbreaking and disrupting two-day branding intensive will surely change the game of real estate and give competitors something to really compete against.

Pierson stated, “I am here to help our brand align itself with its customers, agents, and potential licensees in the most meaningful way possible. We do that through creating a strong culture through education, support, and collaboration. My personal and professional philosophy is ‘if you’re not disrupting, you’re being disrupted.’”

A true disruptor, Pierson has built his career on going against the grain, asking the difficult questions, and creating extremely unique and out-of-the-box solutions for over 400 brands around the world.

His role as CCO and MHG is to help the brokerage achieve its business goals at the highest level which includes international expansion, strategic partnerships, acquisition and mergers, systems and technology, and innovation and disruption.


For the past decade, Aaron Pierson has made it his mission to disrupt the status quo across industries by raising the bar through creative application and unique strategy. As an international branding consultant, he has traveled around the world executing meaningful design, messaging, and processes for numerous fortune 500 companies such as Warner Brothers, American Airlines, Google and many others.

An award-winning designer, international speaker, filmmaker, and two-time bestselling author, his diverse set of skills has positioned him to assist over 400 brands in bringing their vision to life. Aaron is coveted for his no holds barred approach to branding and marketing, and his ability to develop unique and effective strategies that outperform the competitors. In addition to helping professional brands, he also teaches user experience and branding at his alma mater, The Art Institute of Phoenix, and loves empowering budding designers and strategists with his real-world experience and passion for great design.