Jereme Kleven and Mark Hutchins Expand the My Home Group Empire and Have Sights on National Expansion

Founded in 2005 by Jereme Kleven and Mark Hutchins, My Home Group (MHG) is set to be in every major marketplace in the nation within 5 years. At the foundation of this national projection and vision is an incredibly well-developed and high-performing base in Arizona. With their 23rd location in Goodyear, AZ, MHG is now effectively and strategically spreading across the state, providing agents and their clients with the high level of resources that have fueled their success.

The brokerage that was acquired was lead by a fierce top-producer in the valley, Becky Garcia, who built a well-oiled machine with over 300 transactions per year. She and her team are now operating alongside MHG agents and will play an integral part in the further advancement and expansion of the #2 brokerage in the nation.

Not only does this position MHG to be able to continue to grow their reach, but this also benefits all agents in the valley as they can now access the high-level resources provided by MHG. One of the most popular resources is Workshop Wednesday each week that started at the original MHG location in Scottsdale, which educates and inspires agents to learn, grow, and amplify their businesses.

“We are in the business of building businesses,” MHG does not simply want to acquire brokerages and agents but empower and educate agents to become successful entrepreneurs.

Founders Jereme Kleven and Mark Hutchins stated, “We are incredibly proud to not just be growing, but growing alongside the right entrepreneurs. We breed the best businesses and entrepreneurs in the country. The numbers and successes of our agents closing business at a high level every single month. There’s no better place to close your business than here, at My Home Group.”

As the #1 fastest growing brokerage in the valley, MHG sure is doing something right—the perfect recipe of education, empowerment, and a contagious culture, every brokerage has something to learn from this powerhouse.

My Home Group was voted 2nd fastest residential real estate brokerage in the country by Inc. 500 4 years in a row—and they are expected to make the list for the fifth time this year. MHG was also nominated as Innovator of The Year by Inman News—a national news publication on real estate and technology.


My Home Group is in the business of building businesses. Founded in 2005 by Jereme Kleven and Mark Hutchins, MHG has since given thousands of agents the platform to grow a real business through a culture of accountability and a collaborative environment. Today, MHG is the #1 fastest growing residential real estate brokerage in Arizona, the 2nd fastest in the nation, and has been named “A fastest growing company” by Inc 500 four years in a row. With over 1,000 transactions closed each month and upwards of 20 million dollars in commissions paid in the first quarter of 2018, MHG is slated to dramatically change the industry as a whole. The end result is consistent, impressive growth and outstanding customer service simplified.