My Agent Spotlight: Tyler Blair

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – My Home Group is in the business of building businesses through collaboration, community and culture. In this series, the MHG Blog will take an in-depth look at how agents execute their businesses daily, detailing how they generate leads, use MHG resources to their advantage, offer advice for other agents and much more!

This time, MHG puts the agent spotlight on Tyler Blair.

Blair has had his hand in real estate for about six years and has spent a year and a half with My Home Group. After learning about the industry from his father, Blair knew he would make it his career from a young age.

Since then, he has been an entrepreneur with multiple business ventures. When it came time for him to settle down with his family, Blair looked to change brokerages, with MHG being the perfect fit to grow his business and start The Legacy Team.

“For us, a big part of it had to do with splits and saving of income, as well as they (MHG) have a great platform to help us excel as a team,” he said.

After he decided to grow his business more with MHG, Blair quickly climbed in the rankings. With the help of the many resources MHG agents have access to, soon enough he claimed the esteemed spot of the top agent for multiple months, and is the current leader on the Top Agent Leaderboard for August.

My Home Group has been strategic with bringing the right agents and offering the best resources to set agents up for success. MHG also has various platforms for agents to collaborate on. One place that Blair looked to was the exclusive MHG Agent Facebook page.

“The Facebook page is very helpful. I see a ton of agents asking questions, answering questions and I try to chime in when I can. Larry (Dignan) and John Dyer, their on there too as brokers. That’s a huge bonus! I’ve never had that before at any other brokerage, where you have access to so many brokers at your fingertips,” Blair said.

In addition to the online resources, agents also have access to MHG Power Partners. All of the Power Partners are businesses that offer services that aid agents. From marketing materials, mortgages, movers and more, these are just some of the extremely useful resources agents benefit from when joining the fastest-growing brokerage in the country! On top of utilizing MHG, their resources and Power Partners, Blair also credited his community and team of fellow agents for his success.

“I think it’s crucial to have the right people and the right places. I have amazing people that help keep me on track and help keep me grounded. It makes it easy for me to jump to this, jump to that and make sure I get my tasks done throughout the day. But, that’s the biggest thing, hiring the right people,” he explained.

Hiring the right people to join his team came useful when the recent global pandemic left real estate industry professionals with nothing but questions. Forced to adapt in a business that thrives off of personal connection and establishing relationships in a world that is socially distancing, Blair and his team took the opportunity to work harder than ever.

“We doubled down. We doubled down on making calls, we doubled down on hand sanitizer, masks and all those things. We just tried to work as hard as possible to make sure our people are still taken care of. It’s a crazy market out there and you’re showing way more homes than normal. So, it’s a matter of working that much harder through this small season that we’re going to go through, to set you up for the rest of your career,” the team owner said.

It’s apparent that Blair has been working hard at consistently making the Agent Leaderboard. With all the time he spends elevating his real estate business and owning his other companies, his support from home is what kept him able to continue to do what he loves. When asked what his advice to other agents would be, Blair said it’s about the people at home.

“Make sure your spouse is on board. You’re going to be working a lot harder than you’ve ever worked in your life if you really want to make this work. It can pay off, but it’s a two-year grind and the biggest thing is having your spouse in the background cheering you on and not telling you to go get a job,” he expressed.

Blair’s success in the industry and specifically at My Home Group is a true testament to the kind of people that are at the brokerage. The community of productive agents and employees at MHG work hard and with a passion to develop the next generation of real estate agents.

Watch the full interview below:

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