Sean Connolly

Sean Connolly Portrait


Cell: 480.382.1535
Office: 480.685.2760

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs I knew that a snowy winter was not a thing I was interested in keeping in my life. This led me to UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada where I spent six years obtaining an undergraduate degree in Marketing and an MBA.

During my time at UNLV I was put in a sales organization to which I became the head of. After a few years in Las Vegas and running a sales organization I moved to Scottsdale where I live with my dogs, daughter, and wife.

I am an avid exercise enthusiast and enjoy partaking in a daily Crossfit workout.

I am someone that comes from a background that can be beneficial to many people. I am highly educated in business with an MBA and Marketing Degree, which in the negotiation and contract portion of home sales can be a huge advantage. I have also lived in different parts of the country which has brought me perspective that can be a major advantage in the Phoenix market as this is a giant melting pot. Along with that I have worked for top companies and have always led sales teams so I understand what it takes to put a transaction through and get a good deal for my clients.

Because of my backgrounds I thoroughly enjoy educating people, finding opportunities, and being aggressive. This is a combination that places me in a spot where transactions tend to be enjoyable for my clients.

My focus is specific to home transactions. I love almost every element of it, from first time home buyers, relocations, and the savvy home buying vet. Each one brings a new and fun element to the buying process for different reasons. I love to understand any and all opportunities and work to close a deal in the best way possible.

  • Arizona