Julie Jarmiolowski

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Cell: 602.663.5256
Office: 480.685.2760

Born and raised in El Paso, TX by hyper entrepreneurial parents. I am the oldest of eight with four sisters and three brothers. We were raised with intense work ethics and an unwavering belief in God and family.

I obtained my PHR in Human Resources from the University of WA in 1990 and opened a staffing business with multiple offices located from Olympia to Mount Vernon in the State of Washington. After 30 years my husband, Stanley, and I still support those offices, but decided to make AZ our home.

We came to Arizona with the idea we would retire. I tried retirement for nine months, golf, quilting, etc., and found that it was not for me (at least not at this time). So, using the old-fashioned T Square, I made a list of my talents and a list of career choices and narrowed the list down to real estate. My passion has always been helping people transition through major life events and after honing these skills in staffing for the last 30 years I knew I could help people transition from one home to the next, or perhaps their first home. My goal is to take what can be stressful and manage it such a way that our clients feel they have had a joyful experience.

I started my real estate career with Keller Williams Biltmore Partners and could not have had a better foundation. I was mentored by a professional with over 25 years in the industry, selling more than 6,000 homes, so there was never a question or situation she was not able to help me manage. The guidance my mentor provided enables me to be the very best at my job!

While at KWBP I met Andrea Lilienfeld and started working for her when she needed help. As Andrea’s business and our friendship grew I worked more and more for her and Geoff and eventually joined their team at The Kay-Grant Group this past summer.

On a personal note, I am happily married to Stanley. We will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary next May. We have two children and three grandchildren. Stanley and I love to eat, so we travel the world looking for our next great meal. I quilt, sew, paint, and play some golf. Bottom line for me, I am blessed in every way that counts!

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