Glen Donohue

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Cell: 623.377.0149
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Glen Donohue
Metro Phoenix

I have been A Realtor in Phoenix, Arizona for over 21 years. Husband to Emily and Ashle’s Dad and Two dogs Barbie and Spike and a new cat not named just yet, but before that I was a native of Phoenix and lived here for now over 50 years except for my 8 years in the U. S. Coast Guard. Love my Country and Arizona very proud. I know the Valley well even my dad was born here in 1926 in the Cardinals parking lot, no it was not here then. I’ve been here working in real estate thru the up and the downs, I know it is very confusing at times and complicated lots of paperwork and rules and I’m here to help you navagate thru it all (USCG remember) give me a call lets sell it or find you a new home.

“I believe in your Home so much that if you ever have a question, Call me 623-367-0149.”

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It a good day always, if you make it one!!

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