Gena Schaublin

Gena  Schaublin Portrait

Phone: 602-317-7610

Alumni of Arizona State University with a Communications degree and MBA from Western, Gena has intentionally curated a life dedicated to leading passion projects and movements that align with her values of making the world a better place.

As a REALTOR® and Sr. Mortgage Professional, Gena has the experience and expertise to be your “One-Stop-Shop to Homeownership!” Her vast background in credit, mortgage and Real Estate allow a client to achieve homeownership by making one call to her office.

Over the past two decades, Gena has served on the Board of The American Lung Association and American Heart Association. She founded The GRG Network that empowers women all over the country and continues to align herself with organizations that give back to the greater good.

​Gena is the author of the book, “The Other ‘F’ Word, Understanding Your FICO Score So You Don’t ‘F’ Yourself Financially” which was published in 2021. As a breast cancer survivor, she is passionate about sharing her experience and creating an inspirational guide to help women push through the trauma of breast cancer. This book is slated to be released mid – 2025.


  • Arizona