Christopher Travers

Christopher Travers Portrait


Cell: 480.323.6953
Office: 480.685.2760


As an Arizona native, Chris has his feet deeply planted in this great state of ours. With over 15 years of combined local business experience, he knows the value of having local expertise. Cutting his teeth in the retail world, Chris learned the art of the deal at the valleys own Ski Pro Ride Shop where he sold for and managed the business for since 2006. The ‘Mom & Pop’ taught him the importance of being involved in the local community and the footprint that Ski Pro has in the Valley led him to become familiar with every nook and cranny of it. In 2014, Chris teamed up with Karl and Sherrie to take his selling ability, knowledge of, and strong connection to the Valley to the Real Estate world. Since then, the team has seen virtually every possible situation and has forged together to help countless families buy and sell the most important investments of their lives: their homes.

  • Arizona