3 Communication Skills to Forge Stronger Relationships

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - We have all heard the saying one way or another: communication is the lifeline of any relationship. This is both true in business and in life. Longevity in real estate is often reliant on relating to others in a personal and empathetic way, to understand client concerns, answer questions, and hopefully cater to their vision of their future home. 

Here are three communication skills to help you build and maintain strong professional relationships.

Listen, Ask, then Repeat

Before all else, communication begins with listening. Listen to the client, clarify questions, then do it all again.

Industry leaders and masters of communication recognize that active listening sets them apart in the competitive world of real estate. It isn’t simply about how agents talk to their clients, it is about the very human and personal element behind it. Selling and buying homes and properties can be overwhelming, and you are here to make the journey a positive one. 

My Home Group agent, Connor Kies has extensive knowledge and experience regarding client communication. He shared valuable insights and advice with us that have put his career on the next level.

“You have to really care and have love for what you do, and when you are dealing with people’s emotions, you have to take it seriously to make it known that you are there,” said Kies “Having relationships is everything, especially in the home sales. If you don't have relationships, you don't have business.”

By diligently listening to what your client is asking for, you are not only showing them that you are invested in their homeownership dreams, but you are uncovering what they need. This transforms the experience, clients feel less like they are doing business with a stranger, but rather with a trusted friend. Before beginning a conversation, set a personal intention by taking a moment to deliberately focus on the client, be present in the moment, and identify what you are trying to achieve.

Utilize Your Channels

By using a multi-channel approach to communication agents can reinforce their brand while connecting to clients. This grants them both speed and efficiency, paramount to agent success. Between various tech tools such as social media, mobile apps, and text messaging, agents have an incomparable opportunity to be in multiple places all at once. This opportunity removes communication barriers so you can be there for your client.

Employing different channels of communication is not a method of replacing authentic human communication, but enhancing it. When done mindfully and purposefully, tech-driven communication can foster greater connections. 

Meet Your Client Where They Are

Real estate agents are often faced with questions and apprehension from buyers and sellers. These anxieties can be alleviated by meeting the client where they are at.

Kies advises agents to pay attention to the little things, personal details that can apply in later conversations. Successful agents, he says, are considerate of what they are doing, and do them with a purpose. “You are dealing with all types of emotions, from all types of people, from all types of lifestyles,” Keis explained “It's an emotional business we have to adapt to. If you can't relate to people on an emotional level and show you are there for them, you are going to struggle in the business.” The emotional connection is really what “gets you on the other side and gets you the success you need…Relationships are truly either the key to what can make you successful, or what you can be missing out on.” 

Effective communication means acknowledging others to ensure they feel heard and understood. Noting this, approach conversations openly in a reflective, I "get them"  mindset, and formulate a response from this understanding of their needs. Being ready and able to answer questions, forge a personal bond, and walk clients through the process will build trust and care.

Simply put, remind the client what the real estate process it is all about: them.