My Referral Network


Become a “Referral Specialist”

Keep your Real Estate License Active, free of any association or MLS fees. Stay in touch with your sphere, using your expertise and reputation to refer your friends, family and clients to agents both locally and nationally and earn referral income!


  • No association dues, MLS, lockbox, e-key, or miscellaneous system fees
  • Continuing Education is FREE via select monthly classes
  • Participate in our Community. (Mastermind Groups, Events, Trainings, etc.)
  • Negotiate referral fee with ANY licensed REALTOR®
  • MRN will also provide vetted agents for you to refer to

Option A:

  • ZERO Monthly Fee
  • 60/40 Commission Split

Option B:

  • $25/mo
  • 80/20 Commission Split


Q: Do I have to sever from my current brokerage?
A: Yes, you must sever and hire to MY REFERRAL NETWORK with a $25 sign up fee.

Q: Do I have to have an active license?
A: Yes, you must maintain ADRE licensing requirements.

Q: Can I buy/sell my own home?
A: No, MRN licensees cannot represent themselves or anyone else on any real estate transaction.

Q: How much can I earn?
A: Choose the MRN plan that works for you.

Q: Can I work with all types of agents?
A: Yes, most will offer a referral fee. You can refer an agent in any state.

Q: How do I market myself as a Referral Specialist?
A: Our Marketing Department can provide you with some options to help with your marketing.

Q: I am a AZ Winter Visitor Real Estate Agent with my license at MHG, can I move to MRN while I live out-of-state?
A: YES you can!  If you do have an active listing or pending transaction prior to your move, you will need to transfer those deals to an existing MHG agent and negotiate your referral fee, as MRN agents do not conduct real estate transactions. | 480.389.1696