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Broker Hotline & Agent Helpline

MHG Broker Hotline

480-664-3700 (call or text)


  • Under contract and a problem occurs
  • Have a listing and a problem occurs
  • BINSR / Addendum questions
  • Specific disclosure questions
  • Cure Notice questions
  • Extending COE
  • Earnest Money disputes and questions
  • Any and ALL contractual or legal issues pertaining to a transaction currently under contract.

MHG Agent Helpline

480-887-0043 (call or text)


  • Writing your first offer
  • SkySlope questions
  • TransactionDesk questions
  • MLS questions
  • Closing Dept. questions
  • Correct forms to use
  • Contract timelines
  • General agent questions that are NOT contractual or legal.

MHG Agent Services
  • Active MHG Agent concierge
  • MAP general questions and training
  • Class/Event Schedule
  • MHG Dept. liaison
  • Partner Marketplace liaison
  • MyMarketing platform training and support